Welcome to the powerhouse behind our mission! Get to know the dedicated individuals steering the Cumberland Gap Trail Alliance towards a future of boundless outdoor recreation and trail stewardship.

John Miele

CGTA President

Mary Mars

CGTA Vice President

Meet Mary Mars, the Cumberland Gap Trail Alliance Vice President, whose passion for the outdoors meets community advocacy in her role. Hailing from the very heart of Cumberland Gap, Mary embodies the spirit of stewardship and adventure that defines the region. As Vice President of the Alliance, Mary not only coordinates and promotes outdoor activities but also fosters educational initiatives to deepen the connection between people and nature. Her efforts extend beyond just managing trails; she is instrumental in organizing community events, workshops, and volunteer programs that encourage local involvement and environmental awareness. With Mary at the helm, the Cumberland Gap Trail Alliance is not just blazing trails; it’s forging bonds and preserving the natural beauty of this cherished landscape for generations to come. Her unwavering commitment ensures that the Cumberland Gap remains a vibrant and accessible destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

Misty Gilbert

CGTA Communications Director

Cara “CC” Riggs

CGTA Secretary & Treasurer